Ambassadors for 2022-2023

Josie Ivy, left, Mikaela Waggoner, Claire Kiolbasa, Taylor Cammack, Julie Slattery and Jaky Lara. Clare Umutoni not pictured.

Ambassadors are University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students majoring in agriculture STEM fields. Ambassadors provide peer-to-peer mentoring with the Scholars and will meet with the Scholars in person once a semester.

Students studying in classroom

Why become a college Ambassador?

Serving as an Ambassador allows you to share your story with high school students while serving as a role model for the Scholars. You will receive training through an experiential learning course at the University of Nebraska which will provide a research-guided foundation in peer-to-peer mentoring. Cross-age peer mentoring (older student with younger student) is known to increase self-efficacy, academic performance, and connectedness of mentees while enhancing interpersonal skills of student mentors (Garringer and MacRae, 2008).

The application deadline for becoming an Ambassador for Cultivate ACCESS is open.

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Applications due August 30, 2023!

Ambassadors for 2021-2022

Cultivate Access Ambassadors 2022

From left: Katie Bathke, Abbie Pieke, Erykah Drummer, Carlos Bautista and Josie Ivy.