The most effective mentors are those people who are able to relate to the mentee due to similarities in experience or background and who have practical STEM experience in their career. Providing Scholars the opportunity to interact with Mentors engaged in an area of interest is one of the main goals of the Cultivate ACCESS program.

Students mentoring in classroom

Why become a mentor for Cultivate ACCESS?

Online mentoring programs have been shown to positively impact participation of underrepresented populations in STEM fields and sharing stories of mentors overcoming challenges, experiencing feelings of not belonging and emphasizing the importance of a college degree has been shown to significantly impact student persistence and likelihood of success in STEM majors (Herrman, 2016). Mentors can also buffer student concerns by sharing stories of their personal careerpath and ability to fulfill personal goals such as family and other lifestyle choices while pursuing a STEM career (Weisgram, 2015). Mentors will be identified to help facilitate discussions with the Scholars and Ambassadors related to particular STEM career areas. 

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Past Mentors

Brandi Salestrom – Feed Sales Specialist, Central Valley Ag

Francisco Munoz-Arriola – Assistant Professor, Biological Systems Engineering, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Irma Nicholls – Senior Design Engineer, Optical, LICOR

Jennifer Rees – Extension Educator, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Julie Abendroth – Global Lead, Corteva agriscience

Susanne Hinkley, Jenny Grose and Danielle Keys – Neogene