About the Scholars

2018-2022 Scholars

  • 41 Scholars
  • 35 Women & 7 Men
  • 9 Hispanic or Latino/a
  • 16 different communities in Nebraska

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What did past Scholars have to say about the program?

What was most rewarding with Scholars

As important as it is to be surrounded by peers and professionals, it’s also equally important to be surrounded by people younger than you. [Cultivate ACCESS] was like passing the baton backwards. [What was rewarding about working with CA scholars] was being a guide for them and a lifeline if they need it or if they have any questions about their future. It was the relationship building with them.

Diverse workforce

Cultivate ACCESS is awesome because you get to work with people all over the state and all over the university. [Cultivate ACCESS] gave me the importance of diversity and how people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences can come together and share views and advice.

Ambassador expectations

[Cultivate ACCESS] has been interesting. I got to meet a lot of kids outside my home community and within Nebraska. I have really enjoyed it and I think team has done a great job guiding us to be the best ambassador we can be. I really enjoyed working with [Cultivate ACCESS] team. I found them to be interactive and committed to making the program better than what it was when it started. I learned from everyone and they learned from us.

What was rewarding with Mentors

[What was rewarding with mentors was] building relationships and communication with them. A few have been really helpful for coming to see what they do every day, what doing STEM is like in education, or agriculture, and it was a great basis for figuring out jobs and careers.

Leadership Team

[The Cultivate ACCESS leadership team] are the most incredible team to work with because they are all committed to the program. They smile, make jokes, they were really into the program. Also, they were trying to see how we can develop as ambassadors. The leaders were invested in us and helped us to utilize the experience for our development.