Our Team


Bowling 2022

Jennifer Keshwani:

Project Director and Science Literacy Specialist. Jenny has significant experience in K-12 STEM education and is currently a PI or Co-PI on seven projects totaling $2.5M. She was recently invited to present on techniques for engaging female K-12 students in STEM through a program sponsored by the National 4-H Council.

Leah Sandall:

Online and Distance Education Coordinator for the Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture. Leah has expertise in development and delivery of online educational programs. Jenny and Leah are currently co-PDs on an undergraduate research and extension experience (REEU) program funded by NIFA-AFRI Education Literacy Initiative.

Julie Bray-Obermeyer:

Director of Career Development and Corporate Relations for UNL CASNR. Julie is well-connected with employers in the agriculture industry through her involvement in the Ag and Food HR Roundtable (presented by AgCareers.com) and NAADA (National Agricultural and Alumni Development Association). Additionally, she has experience developing and delivering job search and employment readiness programs.

Deepak Keshwani:

Associate Professor in Biological Systems Engineering. Deepak is currently engaged in various student success programs including leading an undergraduate student learning community, a Land-grant inspired student engagement and leadership program, and was a member of an invited panel discussion on student employability skills organized by the Ag and Food HR Roundtable.

Logan Newman:

Graduate student in the Educational Administration – Student Affairs Administration M.A. program. Logan is a graduate of CASNR with a Fisheries and Wildlife degree. In undergrad he found his passion was helping students navigate college and develop professionally. He will be involved in communication with Ambassadors, aiding in their professional development, facilitating our weekly meetings, and helping the ambassadors stay in communication with their high school scholars.